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Tolan House among Twenty Magnificent Homes
Martin Architects, NY

We are delighted to announce that Nick Martin is featured in Benton Buckley’s much-acclaimed book, New View: Twenty Magnificent Homes by Northeast Architects. This prestigious publication highlights Martin Architects’s exceptional renovation of the Tolan House, a striking project that involved the meticulous restoration and innovative additions to an original Charles Gwathmey design.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Amagansett, in East Hampton, New York, this remodeling project payed homage to the architect’s iconic style. By developing a thoughful palette of original and contemporary materials, Martin Architects was granted with two AIA Awards for the improvements in the Tolan House.

Gwathmey Legacy by Martin Architects. Photos by Conor Harrigan

The New View series is a captivating visual journey that celebrates the architectural marvels crafted by globally renowned architects. In the edition, the book seamlessly weaves mesmerizing photography with the profound design philosophies, perspectives, and transformative experiences of acclaimed architects in the Northeast.

We take immense pride in Nick Martin’s contribution to this exceptional compilation, and we are thrilled to witness his expertise being celebrated within the pages of this esteemed publication. This commendable recognition further solidifies our commitment to delivering excellence in architectural design and innovation.

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