Hamptons Modern

Nick Martin interviewed on East End Contemporary Living
Martin Architects, NY

From renovations to twentieth-century modernist houses to innovative additions or full contemporary constructions, Nick Martin’s insights and contributions have been instrumental in shaping the architectural narrative of the Hamptons. Through his work, Nick has adeptly redefined luxury living today, moving beyond mere opulence to foster a harmonious coexistence with the East End’s delicate ecosystem.

In “Modern Hamptons: Contemporary Living on the East End”, esteemed critic David Sokol interviews Nick Martin on his exceptional expertise and commitment to pushing the architectural boundaries of New York’s iconic summer sanctuary.

“… the seasonal quality of an East End home allows the modernist heritage to continue to unfold” Nick Martin

With a notable shift towards contemporary design preferences in the region, the book showcases eighteen exceptional residences that embody modernism’s resurgence while emphasizing sustainability and environmental stewardship. These homes not only pay homage to the Hamptons’ rich design legacy but also skillfully integrate with the breathtaking seaside landscape, preserving the natural beauty that defines Long Island.

We are incredibly proud of Nick’s significant role in this pivotal exploration of modern architecture in the Hamptons and look forward to contributing with the region’s design and architectural discourse.

Acquire your edition of ‘Hamptons Modern’ and explore the wonders of Contemporary Living in New York’s summer sanctuary.

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